Practice building
Practice Building, Market Square

Please note:  This website is being updated, we remain open and the all the details are correct. 

Osteopathy is a health care system which looks at a person as a whole. We use a ‘hands on’ approach to ‘listen’, diagnose and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal and health problems.  At this practice, we appreciate the  importance of health and its pivotal role in healing our bodies. If our health is hindered or obstructed, pain or disease can arise. We help by identifying and addressing these obstructions, thereby allowing your body to regain a sense of ease.  We also give patients a framework on how to manage these obstructions so that you regain control on your health long term. Osteopathy is amenable to people of all ages (2 weeks old and beyond).

Our practice is open 5 days a week and easily accessible in the centre of Whittlesey.  All parking is currently free in Whittlesey.

Focus on your health, trust your body the rest will follow

Mayur Mistry