The Body Dimension

This dimension represents the physical self and those ‘structural lesions’ which are hindering the body’s ability to function.  They can be classed into two categories:

  • symptomatic lesions – Represent the lesions that are directly responsible for your symptoms, and
  • maintaining / predisposing lesions – these are areas of the body which your conscious brain are not aware of but are indirectly sustaining the problem.  These lesions are usually the result of past injuries, knocks/falls, accidents, illnesses or operations.

We use our hands and eyes to identify these lesions and address them using a blend of manual techniques outlined below.  Each approach has the same aims in mind, 1) optimise the blood and nerve flow to the tissue in question and 2) ensure the area is moving the best it can.

The art comes in understanding which type of techniques your body best responds to and in what order.   A description of each technique is provided below in alphabetical order:

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