Involuntary Motion

Involuntary Motion (commonly known as cranial osteopathy) is aimed at improving the general health of an area.  Involuntary motion is a subtle approach that allows the practitioner to get a sense of the movement created by all the involuntary (i.e. sub-conscious) activities occurring within our bodies e.g. blood flow, lymph flow, cellular movement,nerves conduction, etc.  The summation of these activities creates a characteristic movement (termed involuntary movement (IM)) that can be felt but not seen.  An analogy would be the vibrations of the mechanical parts of an engine, they can be felt but not seen.

The IM will differ in areas of trauma or dysfunction  because the involuntary activities are different.  For example in an area of high inflammation the blood flow will be greater, the nerves will be more irritable, there will be more muscular tension, etc.  Using light pressure (in the form of touch) we can alter these processes and thus affect a positive change in the involuntary motion of that area.

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