We have modified our clinic due to the current circumstance. Please see below for the measures we have put in place.

Existing patient

Existing patients will receive a dual-purpose triage call couple of days before attending the practice in person.

  • to screen for covid19 as set out by current health standards,
  • run through a symptoms and relevant case history.

The triage call will be approximately 10mins in duration. If after several attempts we cannot get hold of you, an email with the triage questions included will be sent out for you to complete before you are allowed in the practice. When you arrive at the clinic, we will conduct the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management. The appointment will range between 30- 45mins.

New patient appointments

Your appointment will effectively be split into two sessions.

  • A combined case history and triage conducted over the phone
  • The physical appointment where we will conduct the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management advice.

When booking your appointment, you will be able to choose the date and time for each part of your appointment. These can take place on the same day or on different days. This is a measure we are taking to reduce your time in the practice to a minimum whilst still receiving the excellent care that we are known for.

Staggering appointments

We are operating a staggered appointment system. All patients will be staggered by 15 mins. Please avoid coming early to your appointment as we are trying to reduce the number of people in the waiting area to a minimum. This will also allow us time to disinfect all touch surfaces, clean the floor and to aerate the clinic before the next patient.

Osteopath on duty

Only one osteopath will be on duty on any given day. This is again to reduce the number of people through our doors.

What will my osteopath be wearing?

We are required to wear PPE. This will include gloves, reusable aprons and a mask. These will be washed and/or disposed of as per the guidelines.

Hand washing

Your osteopath will wash their hands up to the elbow regularly as per the guidelines and will ask all patients entering the practice to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser.


We will be disinfecting the plinth, the plastic pillowcases, chairs and all touch surfaces after every patient. We will be cleaning the floor in the treatment room and the waiting area regularly.


The government of England has recommended a face covering for those who are in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not going to be possible. We therefore recommend to all our patients attending the practice to wear a mask or some sort of face covering . Please refer to the government guidance on this for further information.

HEPA filter:

We have installed an HEPA filter to help with air purification and to help keep the aerosol droplets to a minimum.

What to bring

We now ask all our patient to bring the minimum with them. e.g. umbrellas, bags, relatives, friends.

What additional things are we asking you to do?

We kindly and respectfully ask that all our patients inform their osteopath if after your appointment you go on to develop COVID-19 symptoms.

We ask all our patient to cancel/ reschedule their appointment and/ or not to attend the clinic in the following circumstances:

  • If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms i.e. a new continuous cough, fever, loss of sense of smell or taste in the last 7 days of wanting to attend.
  • If you have knowingly been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID -19 in the last 14 days of wanting to attend the clinic.