What to expect

In order to ensure we gain a good understanding of your child’s compliant we usually spend at least 20mins going through a detailed case history. We recommend (although it is not essential) that all guardians are present at the initial consultation. This ensures everybody understands what the problem is and how we intend to address it. The case history will have particular questions around:

  • Your child’s presenting symptoms and their medical history,
  • Questions regarding the labour (as complicated deliveries are usually where the problem originated from),
  • Details regarding any previous pregnancies or births (as this helps us determine whether there are any patterns),
  • Any medication the child or mother are on,

In order to ensure we have all the available information we would ask you to bring along your red book (medical book), any discharge notes and names / dosage of any medication / supplements being taken. This is not essential but it certainly helps.

Please note: We may cover similar ground to your midwife or paediatric consultant however it is important we hear the answers.



We may ask your child, or if a baby to undress to their nappy (changing mats provided) if a neurological / developmental assessment (a similar to assessments performed by your paediatric consultant) is needed.  This may need to be performed to determine whether your child’s behaviour and development are age appropriate.

A physical/ cranial exam will be performed by gently feeling the tension in various parts of your child’s body.


Once a diagnosis is established, Ubhi will explain all aspects of the treatment and expected outcomes with you. She encourages a very open forum and therefore please ask any questions to ensure you are happy with all aspects of the assessment, treatment, expected outcome and home management.

We can not stress enough the importance of working together and ensuring you adhere to the stated home management advice. If you are unsure or feel the advice is not possible please say so and an alternative will be offered.

Babies / children have very soft and adaptable tissues in comparison to adults. As a result, we use a very gentle form of treatment termed cranial osteopathy. Cranial treatment involves placing our hands onto various parts of your babies body. From here very light, gentle pressure is applied to help reduce the strains in your child’s tissues. No forceful or strong techniques are used and each approach is tailored to the child in front of us. Please click here for more details.

Generally your child will be relaxed, tired or may be unsettled after treatment. As a consequence, we recommend that for the remainder of the day stimulation levels are kept low and there is plenty of time for the child to rest.

Children tend to respond within 1-3 weeks however conditions which have been problematic for a long time may take a number of months. In these cases we tend to see an improving trend over a few months although we may see periods of temporary regression.

To ensure your child is comfortable, relaxed and engaged in the whole process we would recommend bringing along a favourite toy to help keep your child entertained.

Please remember osteopathy is aimed at helping your child’s body help itself. Therefore, patience and realistic expectations are required. If we feel osteopathy is inappropriate we will refer you.