Summer is approaching and now is the time to get out and active.  We all know the well published benefits of sports (i.e. on our cardio-vascular system, body weight, etc) however we thought we would share some of the hidden benefits with you.

Firstly, sports forces us to move multi-directionally and incorporates movement patterns which we may not encounter during our normal lives.  This encourages the use of different joints and muscles which ultimately allows us greater mobility.

Secondly, sport develops our co-ordination and therefore improves our spatial awareness.  This means our joints/muscles are better protected and less vulnerable to injury.

Thirdly, being active forces us to take deeper and more forceful breaths. This naturally encourages greater movement through our ribs.  As our ribs are connected to our spine, our spinal mobility improves too.  Furthermore, the increased airflow through our nose, throat and lungs means we are able to clear any stagnated dust particles or mucus.  This can help with allergies and improve our vitality.

Finally, when playing sports it is not just muscles and bones which are moving, but also our internal organs.  All our organs have a degree of mobility/freedom and that freedom is important to their function.  Our modern day sedentary lifestyle stifles that freedom and thus can affect their function.  Sport provides a great way to restore that freedom.