The Team

Mayur Mistry MOst MEng

Mayur is the co founder and principal alongside his wife Ubhi. Mayur is proficient in all forms of manual therapy including cranial, soft tissue massage, exercise prescription, articulation, manipulation, functional and muscle energy techniques. Mayur has been practising since 2010.

Ubhilasha Mistry DPO MOst BSc (Hons)

Ubhi is the co founder and principal alongside her husband Mayur.  Ubhi is a cranial osteopath and has a postgraduate degree in paediatric osteopathy.  Ubhi has been practising since 2010 and is currently on maternity leave.  She is due back in January / February 2019.

Ubhi (registration number: 7655) and Mayur (registration number: 7506) are both registered with the General Osteopathic Council (regulatory body) and are members of the Institute of Osteopathy (Union). They are both fully  insured.