Practice building
Practice Building, Market Square

Osteopathy is a health care model that acknowledges the patient as a whole. It is is amenable to people of all ages from 2 weeks old and beyond.  We use a ‘hands on’ approach to ‘listen’, diagnose and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal and health problems.  These include: 

  • Spinal pain, e.g. lower back, discal strains, trapped nerves,
  • Shoulder problems. e.g. tendonopathy, frozen shoulder,
  • Hip and knee problems, e.g. osteoarthritic pain, ligaments strains,
  • Foot problems, e.g. plantar fascalitis, ligament strains,
  • Neck related headaches and neck pain,
  • Other health related problems

We appreciate the  importance of health and its pivotal role in healing our bodies. If our health is hindered or obstructed, pain or disease can arise. Identifying and addressing these obstructions allows your body to regain control and turn the tide.  We aim to educate you on your health as well as address these obstructions in the treatment process.

We are open Monday to Friday and located in the centre of town.  All parking is free in Whittlesey.  We have 2 full time osteopaths working at the clinic both of whom have been practicing since 2010.  Click here for more details.   

If Whittlesey is too far away maybe Stamford is closer?   We have a sister practice in Duddington.

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