Mayur Mistry

I am a structural and cranial osteopath. Over the years I have paid attention to all forms of manual therapy with a view to create a ‘diverse toolbox’. Subsequently treatment sessions will involve a mixture of articulation, soft tissue, manipulation and cranial osteopathy. They will vary with each session as your health progresses.

Ideally I want to see you as little as possible. Clear management advice with an emphasis on education and exercises helps achieve this. Education alleviates anxiety as once you understand ‘what is going on’ and ‘how to solve it’ the fear about ‘what if’ is removed. You are back in control. Exercises help restore confidence in your changing body. My exercises draw on principles underpinning yoga, pilates and neuromuscular rehabilitation.

I strongly believe symptoms are not our cells rebelling for the sake of it. Symptoms are our bodies way of communicating with us. Telling us we are doing something wrong. Understanding this message holds the key to providing a complete and lengthy recovery. As an engineer and osteopath I find joy in the detail. I want to understand the why, no matter how complicated or where it takes us.

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