Ubhilasha Mistry MOst, BSc; Reg 7566

Cranial osteopathy provides me with the tools to be able to read patients’ bodies and diagnose their condition. I am qualified to treat all patients from 2 weeks old to any age beyond. I work by finding healthy physiological patterns within your body which help to soothe and find ease.

I aim to empower and inform my patients, or in the case of children their parents, as to what is happening within their own or their child’s body. From here, I tailor my management advice to suit each individual patient. I may also draw upon Pilates, yoga, simple stretching exercises, nutrition and mindfulness exercises. My aim is to pass on deep knowledge of your health patterns and habits so you can go on to deepen your understanding of, and nurture your connection with your health now and in the future. I also strive to do the same for you as a parent about the health of your child. To understand more about paediatric osteopath please click here.

I can help with a wide variety of conditions. If you are open and willing to put in the work, this treatment has the scope to transform your health and outlook, and that of your families for the better. Please do get in touch with me to discuss your case further.

I only work from the Duddington clinic in Stamford. Please click here to be redirected to the Duddington homepage.

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